Are We Your Miscellaneous?


Recently, I watched an episode of Platinum Weddings.  I had heard about the show from friends in the industry and was able to catch it on our cable’s On Demand viewing channel.  Now what the show highlights, beyond the couple’s love story, is how much they were willing to spend on their wedding day.  They go down the list of obvious first choices when putting together a wedding: rings, planner, venue, etc.  And with these featured weddings on this show, money is no object.  By the time everything is added up, the couple on this particular episode was spending over a quarter of a million dollars for just over 100 guests!

But what bothered me was that there was no mention of the photographer and filmmaker.  Towards the end of the show, a list of how much they spent was shown on a graphic, the bottom item being “Miscellaneous”.   So on one of the most important days in someone’s life, the two vendors entrusted to record and capture the moments to be remembered and shown to future family members is just… a footnote?!  A miscellaneous expense.

Don’t get me wrong.  All of these details are important.  But when the cake has a budget listed more than all the other unmentioned items put together (including the filmmaker) something just doesn’t sit well… at least in my opinion (no offense to you great cake designers out there).

My point is this: If you’re going to invest into creating your perfect wedding day, shouldn’t you give a high priority on your cinematographer and photographer?  To me both are equally important and should have an equal investment.  Photos capture special moments in time.  We hang those moments on our walls, use them as our desktop screensavers, share them with others on our iPhone.  But your wedding film is your time machine.  Your passport to relive those moments… in motion… and in sound.  These combined, photos and video, eventually “become” your memories.

So if you’re planning for your special day, a day that you will want to remember and one day share with your children, please don’t make us your “miscellaneous”.

UPDATED - The reason why I feel strongly about this is because we made that mistake on our wedding day. We didn’t set video as a priority. Granted, it was recorded by a friend who was a hobbyist, and we’re totally grateful because we can look back at it now. But it wasn’t at all creative and felt very distant (it was shot with one camera and a lot of the shots were wide). In honesty, it’s what planted the seed in my mind to start a wedding video business of my own, to offer something highly creative, in hopes that others wouldn’t make the same mistake that we did.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

5 Responses to “Are We Your Miscellaneous?”

  1. Mae Says:

    Amen Lloyd!
    My wedding video and my album are what I reach for when I want to look back upon my wedding day! Definitely not a miscellaneous.

  2. Tom Pehrson Says:

    Preach it, brother Loyd! It’s so true.

  3. LaDonna Aiken Says:

    This is so true… just yesterday the mother of one of my future brides said her other daughter wasn’t planning on video because it was a smaller wedding without all the ‘frills’. So… we are just the trimming it seems. But I’m betting that once the first daughter gets her video, the second will see things differently. It’s just hard to appreciate until it’s past.

  4. meg simone Says:

    This was awesome Lloyd - I wish everyone in the world could read this. So frustrating when things like this happen. Thanks for sharing and giving your 2 cents - I 2nd everything you said (and Mae and Tom)

  5. Daniel Says:

    Thanks for writing this Loyd. Some people have priorities a little askew.

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