Crystal + Jed | A Love Story

Crystal + Jed | A Love Story from Loyd Calomay Films on Vimeo.

When Crystal and Jed approached me to create a Love Story video for their wedding I knew it would be an opportunity to do something special. Our concept was not only to tell the story of how they “got together” but we wanted to relay the message that you can trace God’s fingerprints at every moment of the courtship (and even years before that). We wanted an entertaining piece and at the same time let it be a testimony of God’s love.

The process began by tagging along during their engagement portrait session with our friends John and Lauren at John Lauren Photography knowing we would use some of this footage in their film. Plus it was a great excuse to run around the Orange County Fair sampling all kinds of deep fried goodies.

Next, I took Jed and Crystal to the Newport Back Bay area and interviewed them separately, each telling their story from their perspective. It didn’t help that we were in a direct path of John Wayne Airport. Note to self: no interviews near airport runways. During this session I began formulating ways to involve others they mentioned in their story (close friends, mentors and pastor) so that we would be able to cut away to other (and sometimes funny) points of view. It wasn’t until I started editing that I added our Red 5 spin on the film (using movie titles to define each chapter) and finding the Facebook thread that tied everything together.

Our final piece to the puzzle was to add footage from the day of the wedding. And what a beautiful day it turned out to be. It was a joy to present the film in front of all their guests and to see them laugh and cry as they watched the story of Crystal & Jed unfold before their eyes.

I want to take this time to praise and thank God for this opportunity to be a part of Crystal and Jed’s wedding and to be able to use the talent He has given me for His glory.

Above is their film (minus a short photo montage intro). It’s a lengthy piece but enjoyable from beginning to end. Thanks for watching!

Photo by John Lauren

4 Responses to “Crystal + Jed | A Love Story”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Praise God Loyd for this Christ-centered, Christ glorifying film/video. It has been played and re-played by so many of my family, friends and coworkers. God is so good in providing us with you.

  2. Marilyn Says:

    What an awesome job! It was truly beautifully done and I loved watching it at the wedding! After seeing this for the second time online, I went to your website and watched more of your work. OMG… I wanted to get married again so I can hire you guys!! I’m a fan!!

  3. cora Says:

    What an awesome job!..So,beautifully we4ll done. Our family loved it. We keep watching it over and over. Praise God for your talent and continue to use it for His glory.Thank you so much.

  4. STAN KWAN Says:

    AMEN!! What a God-honoring video!! Love it! Keep up the great work Loyd!

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