Our Top 3 Most Viewed Videos of 2010

Photo by Thao Vu

2010 was a big year for us and for my last blog entry I wanted to recognize the videos and the couples that brought in a lot of viewers to both our sites (Red 5 Studios and our new site, Loyd Calomay Films). Hey, if Ryan Seacrest can have a year-end Top 40, I can at least showcase a Top 3, right? So here we go.

Each of our Top 3 Most Viewed Videos on our blog proved to be challenging on the production side, but the response from our live and online audiences was well worth the stress and effort. Here are this year’s Most Viewed and some secrets behind each one.

Number 3: Christine + Johneric | Same Day Edit

When I talked with Johneric & Christine over the phone and they told me they wanted to use Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight” my first thought was “YES! I love that song!” My second thought was “OH NO!” because I knew that this edit wasn’t going to be easy. However, what made it easier was that all the elements were there to make a great story… the drama of putting together a wedding in less than 3 months, the laughter and smiles brought on by the simplest of vows (”I love you” is perfect, I think), and one very cool and authentic Jeepney from the Philippines. This one simply ROCKS. Thanks Johneric & Christine for choosing such a cool song.

Christine + Johneric | Same Day Edit from Loyd Calomay Films on Vimeo.

Number 2: Liza + Chad | Same Day Edit

Normally, I wouldn’t attempt to do a Same Day Edit for a ceremony that’s at 5pm or later just because I’d like to finish the edit and show the video before they open the dance floor. But I made an exception for this awesome couple, who were the very first of many couples to request Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”. The other major challenge was that the week before, I shot in the same locations (Hotel Maya and The Reef in Long Beach) with my good friend Jason Magbanua, who used the very same song for his SDE video! So to avoid making the video look the same, I pre-visualized everything prior to the wedding day. The transitions between sections of this heavily time-shifted edit were not by accident. The final shot needed for the video was also my favorite shot… the rings on the DJ turntable using our new macro lens. The secret to making the rings stop on a dime? The shot was reversed in post! When I shot it, the rings were standing completely still, then I turned the vinyl record counter-clockwise. As Chad & Liza would say: BOOM! This video also ranks as the top video to have the most views on its first day of release. Congrats guys!

Liza + Chad | Same Day Edit from Loyd Calomay Films on Vimeo.

Number 1: Everlyn + Jojo | Same Day Edit

Everlyn & Jojo’s video was by far our most viewed video. Not only for the year, but of ALL TIME. What makes it so special? Why was it the first video to make this event filmmaker cry while watching the premiere? (Whoa, did I just say that out loud?) One word comes to mind: emotion. It’s what makes video, specifically a Same Day Edit, such and special part of a wedding reception. The combination of moving pictures, captured audio and a swelling rock ballad, watched in a darkened ballroom with other audience members…. it’s a very unique movie-going experience. And we are moved by the emotion of it all. Everlyn and Jojo, we can’t help but share in your tears of joy as we watch you become man and wife.

Here’s something that no one knew about. On this warm day, my nose started to bleed while I was editing the video. So most of this was edited with one hand on the laptop, the other desperately trying to keep my vest and tie from getting stained. Hmm, maybe that’s the secret?

Everlyn + Jojo | “Chasing Cars” from Loyd Calomay Films on Vimeo.

Thanks, everyone, for making this our best year ever and we look forward to another year full of blessings in 2011.

- Loyd
Loyd Calomay Films / Red 5 Studios

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